The Strength in You

The photo was taken years ago at my daughter’s field day activities at her school. The students are involved in a tug of war. Each person on their team is pulling together to win for their team. In the tug of war in life, we have God on our side

Your strength is not in being like everyone else but it is in being who you are; a precious child of God. The strength is in you and is with you and His Spirit abides in you. Because of this fact, you have unlimited potential because He has unlimited potential. It is up to you to realize how God can use you as an individual to bring the victory in this tug of war.

Reading today in 1 Peter 4:7-19, Peter tells us that knowing about Christ’s return keeps us stable and thoughtful in difficult situations because we can hold on knowing that we can pray and help is always available. We can in turn offer our help to others so we all get through trying times.

We all have certain gifts and we should make use of them for the common good. We should pull together for a common purpose to promote good values in our schools, businesses, communities, and churches. Look for needs within the community and discover the skills you can offer to help meet that need. Love your neighbor, be hospitable, and share your gifts.

There are difficulties and many within our society are pulling against us but rejoice because we are participating with Jesus on our side. Keep pulling for Jesus until His glory is fully revealed for all. Praise our Creator and continue to do good for the cause of Christ as the body of Christ coalesce the diverse gifts of Christians.

This day with You Lord, we enthusiastically share our faith in order to impact our homes, our workplaces, our neighborhoods, and the world. Inside each of us is the treasure of the Holy Spirit with the ability to do amazing things if we work together. Each of us has faced dark times but working together, we have the power to keep shinning the Light. Amen.

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  1. Excellent brother! Love this: “Your strength is not in being like everyone else but it is in being who you are; a precious child of God.”


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