Keeping Our Eyes on the ONE Who Brings the Son Shine

It is a lack of focus that has a way of causing havoc and becoming the real enemy against us. May this poem inspire you to focus more on God’s plan for you!

Step Ahead

Lack of focus 
Always has a way 
Of causing havoc
Which is not okay. 

But today is a new day
As we focus on the ONE
Who changed everything;
Jesus Christ the Son!

God in the flesh
From up high to come here
That changed our winter
To the summer.

Each wonderful day 
Can be that way in life
Going from bad to good
With a lot less strife.

If we keep our eyes 
On the ONE who brings 
All we need to fly high
As on eagle’s wings.

Poem by Mark Shields – © 09-23-2021
Inspired by
“Keeping Our Eyes on the ONE Who Brings the Son Shine” Photo – In just a few hours, the weather in Texas can change very quickly as the photos prove. The first photo was taken in the morning and the second photo was taken just hours later in the afternoon…

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