Coming Together

On Dec. 21, 2020 we had the convergence or coming together of Jupiter and Saturn. These planets looked as though they merged together and were closer to each other than they had been in 800 years to form a bright star in the southwestern sky much like the star of Christmas. In a similar way, God provides a convergence of people to guide us to Jesus; the ONE born in a world of turmoil that needed a Redeemer.

Today, we are reading from Judges 8. The Ephraimites wanted to take the glory of victory and resented that they were not allowed to be involved in the attack of the Midianites but words are powerful and Gideon was able to appease them by telling them how much they had contributed to the victory and their resentment subsided.

Since the motive of the Ephraimites was fame and glory for themselves, God did not get any credit for victory in their eyes. Also, the people being led by Gideon wanted to give all the credit to Gideon for the victory. Let us take today’s passage as encouragement as we read that Gideon the unselfish leader gave the credit to God and refused to accept the authority offered to him when the Israelites ask him to rule over them.

Gideon had come together with God and played a big part in saving His people from the hand of Midian but Gideon told them that he would not rule over them but suggested that they let the Lord rule over them and be their king (v. 23). If in our own lives, we are humble like Gideon and work together for God’s glory, we will be victorious too! We will consistently beat the enemy because of our coming together and stepping ahead to achieve God’s plan for us.

This day with You Lord we have a plan that always brings victory in our life. Your power will work through us to accomplish amazing things. Like Gideon demonstrates in today’s passage, by listening to You, we are assured that the best days are ahead. On our journey to the future, we are growing because of a life transforming relationship with Jesus who has taught about merging our individual strengths together to accomplish more than we could ever imagine. Amen.

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  1. Excellent! Love this: “If in our own lives, we are humble like Gideon and work together for God’s glory, we will be victorious too!”


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