Spiritual Journey through Judges 8-13

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Over the last few weeks, I’ve been looking at ways to apply the word found in Judges 8-13 and sharing some thoughts that not only can benefit you now but also help the next generation too! The greatest of all possessions one can hand off to future generations are the guiding principles taught by Christ Jesus.

The post “Coming Together” highlighted how Gideon overcame adversity throughout his life to do great things for God. As leader, his people achieved their aims and stepped ahead of their enemies. He then gave credit to God for all the victories.

A thought from the post “The Boomerang Effect” was that getting what you want in the wrong way is short term and inconsistent. History tells us that there is usually a negative boomerang effect. On the other hand, kindness is never wasted as it will wear well and be remembered.

Highlighted in the post “Listen and Follow” is that it takes no effort for bad habits like a lack of focus, discipline, faith, etc. to zap your energy so the bad habits set in. There is separation from God but there is a way to reconnect. Because of Christ, you can be recharged and are just one step away from doing the amazing!

Thoughts obtained from the post “Courage to Step Ahead” can help you apply your faith. With grit, determination, and a focus on God who fights for you, things once thought impossible can become possible. Once proven possible, others will join in on the path to victory.

The post “Aspire to Apply the Word” offered some thoughts on growing spiritually, being at peace with God, and being a leader in sharing good thoughts for the soul. Writing and sharing with others gets the Good News out to the world and is useful not only for yourself but to those that read your posts.

Highlighted in the post “Grow and Gather Strength” is encouragement towards your calling as you use your individual strengths for God’s glory. God uses the combined strengths of those on His team to carry out His purpose.

Keep up with my spiritual journey over the next few weeks either through following this blog or the Facebook page I’ve set up at this link: This Day With God – A Spiritual Journey. Let’s share thoughts or ideas about applying our faith so we step ahead along the path to victory.

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  1. This is the truth: “The greatest of all possessions one can hand off to future generations are the guiding principles taught by Christ Jesus.”

    That is the main thing about the main thing.


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