Productive and Efficient

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As we follow God’s plan today, let us start by reading Judges 7 and the plan that is given to Gideon which is an imaginative plan that was productive and efficient. We read that Gideon and his army were camped at the spring of Harod and the Midian camp was north of them in the valley near the hill of Moreh. God tells Gideon to send those who lacked courage home so the troop size eventually went from 32,000 to 300 men.

To prepare and strategize for the battle, God continues to influence Gideon’s actions as their leader. He listened to God’s instructions to carry out the plan. Each soldier had a trumpet and a jar. They followed Gideon’s lead and when they reached the edge of the camp, they blew their trumpets and broke the jars (v. 19).

This strategy caused the Midianites to panic because the Midianites believed that each of the 300 who blew their trumpets was backed up by thousands of soldiers behind them. The Midianites were totally confused to the point that they turned on each other killing many of their own troops with the remaining fleeing for safety in their panic. 

A take away from today’s passage is how God’s strength works through human weakness. The lack of courage within the ranks of Gideon’s army influenced the trimming down of the army to just the courageous few who took on an enemy that was much larger.

God is greatest in our human weakness and His strength will make the journey of life less difficult. This day with God, let us be enthusiastically affected and make humble use of God’s Plan for Us which ultimately is greater than any suggestion presented by an exclusive group of experts.

This day with You Lord, speak to us about the plan for this day so we are efficient and productive in all that we do. Use us to do amazing things for you Lord. We may have weaknesses but with You, we can win our battles in life if we follow Your plan. Your expertise is greater than any authority of this world and Your Word gives wisdom to do amazing things for Your Purpose. Amen.

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  1. Well said and very encouraging. Love this: “God is greatest in our human weakness and His strength will make the journey of life less difficult.”


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