Organized for Victory

Organization is important on a football team or a marching band. It’s important to God too because it takes His people working together to carry out His plan. Read this poem to inspire organization.

Step Ahead

Like a playbook for a football team or musical notes for a marching band, God’s Word helps us stay organized to win at life as we study together and as the Holy Spirit helps us apply what we are told to do.

Baylor vs Oklahoma

Is essential
Because together 
There is more potential.

Carrying out the plan
With cooperation
For the duration
Along with discipline.

Like sports teams 
Or marching bands,
They are organized
And each understands.

In football they know
What position they play
And they practice the plays
For many days.

In a marching band,
Everyone performs
All in a straight line
Or in various forms. 

They follow instructions 
Knowing their role 
And how to line up
To meet the goal.

Poem by Mark Shields – © 04-15-2021
Inspired by
“Organized for Victory

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