Organized for Victory

Reading in Numbers 1 – 2, God commanded Moses to take a census of the whole Israelite community by their clans and families. His brother Aaron would help along with one person chosen from each tribe.

The purpose of the census was to determine how many men twenty years old or more were able to serve in the army. The Levites were not counted because they would be responsible for the care of the tabernacle of the covenant law.

In reflection, it seems organization is important to God because it takes His people working together to carry out His plan. In current times, organizations is also important to whatever company, organization, church, or group we are a part of because God’s people achieve their objectives with good teamwork, organization, and planning.

The place in which I live is a college city and we sometimes go to football games to watch Baylor University play. Below is a photo taken during one of those games.

Baylor vs TCU

Over the span of my career, I’ve noticed that sports teams and marching bands are extremely organized. Each individual has a specific task, they know what their role is, how to get lined up, and in place. A football player knows what position they play and they practice the plays that their position carries out. It’s the same with a marching band. Everyone practices their instrument and knows the instructions for the half time performance.

This day, we pray for the whole body of Christ to be organized to fulfill Your purpose. Like our playbook, help us to study Your word, practice together, and let the Holy Spirit help us apply what we are told to do. This day with You will be amazing because You care for us as Your people. You are the creator of over 100 billion galaxies with each galaxy having billions of stars but Your people are Your greatest creation of all and with a purpose, there is no limit to what can be done. Amen.

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