Spirit Aflame

This day with God will be amazing because our aim as followers of Christ should be that no one remains the same but that everyone is changed and the Spirit is aflame. To live each day to the fullest. Every day comes with memories and we should do your best to make sure they are good ones.

Life is not about chasing riches and fame but having a passion for something and helping others find out what they are excited about. Like the excitement of planning a vacation destination, reading the Bible can also provide enjoyment as we daily read scripture and journey through life. Today, we are reading Mark 5:1-20.

A man possessed by demons runs up to Jesus and the disciples as they come upon the shore after crossing the Sea of Galilee. The man shouts, “What do you want with me, Jesus, Son of the Most High God? In God’s name don’t torture me!”(v. 7).

The demon possessed man lived among the tombs and was so strong that chains could not hold him. He would break loose and roam around the nearby hills. He was looked down upon by society and lacked self-control; cutting himself with stones and constantly letting out shrieks.

Jesus spoke to the legion of demons who possessed the man. The demons begged Jesus to send their evil spirits into the herd of pigs on the nearby hillside. Jesus gave them permission so as the demons left the man and went into the pigs causing them to rush down the steep bank into the lake where they drowned (v. 13).

The demon possessed man had been doomed by evil. He had been looked down upon by society but was transformed with the help of Jesus who demonstrated His authority over evil spirits. The man was transformed and ready to enthusiastically follow Jesus but Jesus told him to stay in his local community.

So the demon possessed man returned to bless those around him with his story. He joyfully asserted to others the miracle Jesus had accomplished.  So as in today’s passage, the take away is that Jesus in our life makes all the difference. We can be transformed by Jesus and bless those around us in extraordinary ways.

This day with You Lord, we read about the man possessed by demons who was doomed but with Your help was changed. Transformed to the point that he enthusiastically became a follower and joyfully told others about what You did in his life. We can do the same as we find joy from our past, excitement for what is to come about, and thankful for the path laid out. Amen.

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