Seek God with all Your Heart and Mind

English: The Ark Brought to Jerusalem by David...

English: The Ark Brought to Jerusalem by David, as in 2 Samuel 6:1-12, illustration from a Bible card published by the Providence Lithograph Company (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Reading in 1 Chronicles 15:1-16:6, the people of Israel were not seeking God the way they should and David wanted to do something about it so he prepared a place for the Ark of God (v. 1). He inquired of God and every detail was followed in how to bring the ark up in the prescribed way.

David wanted to be a good leader for his people and he understood the need for help from God. Placing the arc nearby would be a way to get his people closer to God and on the right path. Today we can depend on God’s mercy through the sacrifice of the Redeemer and He is present at all times to assist in everything we do.

The Levites were commissioned to bring the ark to Jerusalem (v. 12). They were to consecrate themselves in preparation for their task. David provided leadership by getting the heads of the Levitical families together and attending to all the details of the mission.

Like a worship service, there would be joyful songs and rejoicing as they brought the Ark of the Covenant to the place prepared for it (v. 28). David would wear a robe of fine linen. Once the Ark of God was set inside the tent David had pitched for it, he appointed some of the Levites to minister before the ark; to give thanks, and to praise the Lord.

If we focus on the ONE that matters, He helps us organize and prioritize our day. Let us return daily with humbleness; seeking answers, removing distractions, and believing He is near. This day with God, I’m spending a few minutes in silence, putting away the cares and concerns and noise of the day, and listening for the Holy Spirit. I hope you will too. God is not distant but near and we should stay focused on His presence throughout the day.


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