Encouragement for the Challenges

This day with God will be amazing as we encourage one another to take on the challenges of our day. It’s good to be able to read posts for inspiration as the Spirit helps to integrate the intangibles of faith into the tangibles of good works as we carry out His purpose.

Instead of getting encouragement, Jesus faced not only opposition from enemies but also from family as we read in Mark 3:19-35. The family of Jesus thought He was out of His mind for leaving a fairly good carpenter’s business and becoming a wandering preacher. They also thought He was out of His mind for taking on the religious leaders with the help of only twelve ordinary men called disciples.

The teachers of the law wanted to destroy Jesus and said His power to heal was because He was possessed by Beelzebul or the prince of demons. They wanted to put a stop to what Jesus was doing by accusing Him of blasphemy against the Holy Spirit (v. 29).

The family of Jesus misunderstood the mission He was on as Messiah so they wanted Him to come back home. When Jesus was told that his family wanted to talk, He explains that those who are working together for God’s purpose are His family; His brothers and sisters.

Christians call each other brothers and sisters because there is a family relationship. There is no blood relationship but are bound together by the Spirit which joins each to God’s purpose. Within the post God’s plan for us are some ideas for applying our faith. To apply our faith, the first step is to accept Jesus as Lord and Savior. Then to keep on believing, passionately living out those dreams, maintaining hope, and never giving up.

This day with You Lord, we start this day with encouragement from each other. Then we pray for Your blessings as we apply what we believe. For You have made each of us with certain qualities or talents to fulfill the mission. Today, we will apply the intangibles of faith into the tangibles of good deeds as we keep on believing, live out our dreams, and keep stepping ahead. Amen.

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  1. chapter18 says:

    ‘God is Love…Live in Love’


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