The Way of the Gospel

The law was intended to maintain Israel’s justified relationship with God but the Gospel Way is truly Good News for all. This poem highlights this Good News today and inspires us towards God’s Plan for Us which redeems us from the empty way and rescues us through Christ who became the temple, altar, sacrifice, and all that is needed to be in a right relationship with our Creator. Boldly step ahead today going steadily forward with great expectancy to bring Him glory!

Step Ahead

Good News for all
In meeting the covenant
Is the sacrifice of Christ
Who paid the ultimate!

Becoming the temple
Martyr at the altar;
Meeting the sacrifice
To God the Father.

Making things easier
In following the Way
Because of the direct
Connection to Yahweh.

Making it possible
To follow the laws,
Rules and regulations
Without any pause.

Following the path laid
On a firm foundation
By simply accepting
The invitation.

Poem by Mark Shields – © 07-09-2020
Inspired by “This Day with God Devotional – Leviticus 27

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