From Simple to Amazing

Simple ideas can result in amazing discoveries. Think about it: All the lyrics to songs and all the books written were formed from the 26 letters of the alphabet. The journey through the book of Numbers has some simple ideas but gives us amazing discoveries. The journey concludes with the last two chapters: Numbers 35-36.

In chapter 35, God provides for justice to those accused of a crime by instructing the Israelites to set up cities of refuge where an accused could stay safely away from his avenger until they stood trial. Much like the grace God offers us today as we gain refuge from sin through Jesus Christ.

The problem that came up in chapter 36 is that no inheritance in Israel was to be passed from one tribe to another (v. 7). What should be done with the land of a man who dies with daughters who later get married. Such was the case with Zelophehad who had several daughters but no sons. Moses solves this by telling them that the daughters could marry anyone they please as long as they marry within their father’s tribal clan.

The book of Numbers is a documentation of the 39 years the Israelites wandered in the wilderness before entering the Promised Land. From this study are lessons learned and there are actions we can take to help us as we step ahead along the journey. We can take lessons from the Word, life lessons, experiences along the journey, and then then pass them on to future generations.

Organization is in life is so important as we document lessons learned. Earlier this year, the great basketball player Kobe Bryant was killed in a helicopter crash. In one of his interviews, he emphasized that it’s important to share with the younger generation what works and what doesn’t work so that they can journey through life attempting layups rather than long shots.

One way to organize these lessons learned is to keep a journal of the journey. God’s purpose is superior. Journal all His remarkable happenings so they give lessons that build up, energize, and can be utilized for effectiveness throughout life.

As Moses led the people out of Egypt, God guided them by a cloud much like the guidance of the Spirit. Today we have a chance to engraft the lessons of the Bible in our heart along with the experiences of life. We can take them, mix them with prayer, and step ahead to victory.

 Lord, your truths are superior. The best way is Your way and the text book to the course of wisdom is the Bible. We pray today for good decisions as we take in the lessons found in the Bible, listen to the Holy Spirit speaking to us deep in our hearts, and document the experiences we go through on this journey. Help us to keep things simple, get out of the way, and let You set things up for the amazing to be accomplished. Amen.


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