The Next Generation

Reading in Numbers 27, plans were given for inheritance and succession of leadership for the next generation. If a man dies with no children, his inheritance was to be given to his nearest relative. As far as succession of leadership, Moses had prepared Joshua to take over.

At a young age, Joshua had been the aid to Moses. He was in the shadow of Moses learning how to be leader. He was one who explored the Promised Land and stood up for Moses and Aaron when the people were going against them. He was chosen along with Caleb to make it to the Promised Land but the other fighting men over the age of twenty at time would never make it.

Moses was coming to the end of his life and it was time to hand over the leadership to Joshua so he was commissioned in the presence of Eleazar the priest and the entire assembly as Moses laid his hands on Joshua. Moses told the people that Joshua had the authority and ability to lead them.

Learning from others and the experience we gain helps us in life to handle issues. Each of us has the chance to learn from our greatest helper the Holy Spirit as we learn from the Word, pray for the right actions, and obey the teachings of Jesus.

The photo below is of my dad on the far left along with his grandchildren and great grandchildren. The greatest resources we can hand off to future generations is our Christian values.

Lord, the journey can be burdensome but if we follow You we will get to our destination. We accept Your plan of grace, to be nourished by Your Word, and to always seek Your guidance. Just as Moses handed off leadership to Joshua, we seek ways to hand off what we learn along the journey to future generations. In Jesus name we pray. Amen.


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