Mining for Valuable Resources

Reading in Numbers 26, another census was taken in order to assign each tribe’s inheritance when they entered the Promised Land. The tribes that had lost the most men where the ones who rebelled against the Lord. Many died in earthquakes, fires, plagues, and other adversities from the harsh living conditions in the wilderness.

Even though over 600,000 fighting men had died since taking the first census 38 years ago compared to the one recorded in today’s passage, there were still 601,730 fighting men available. This new generation had withstood the harsh living conditions and with God’s help, multiplied even in the years of difficulty through the wilderness.

Tucked into this reading are small notes of history to demonstrate that God fulfills His promises. He works in the background bringing about His long-range purposes. Today’s passage teaches us to put our thoughts upon what He says and follow the proper steps. If we do, we will flourish but if we do not follow His instructions, the consequences can be devastating.

So as we continue our journey, let us read God’s Word as though we are mining for valuable resources. Let us listen for instructions, document how to apply our faith, and be in constant prayer. The photo below was taken in Virginia City Nevada. It’s an old mining town depicted on the TV show “Bonanza” which lasted 14 years from 1959 through 1973.

Within God’s Word is silver and gold useful in providing encouragement, enthusiasm, and advice. Let us pray now and develop a game plan with God. We have faith because we will take in lessons from His Word and do the right things that will lead to success. 

Lord, we need guidelines in our living and the best ones are found in the Bible. We read Your Word which has a treasure of information on how to best journey through life. You are at work for all who come to You for direction. Today, we ask for guidance in having the right priorities, for following the right instructions, and to meet adversity with a plan to overcome. Lead us into the amazing future You have prepared for us. Amen.


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