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A Calm Soul Is Made Whole

Disruptions in life can throw you off and put you in terrible consequences. The poem of David recorded in Psalm 55 was written during a time when his world was crumbling around him, but he reacted with optimism because he … Continue reading

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Trust in the Lord

In the movie “Back to the Future Part II”, Marty went into the future and bought a sports almanac that had all the scores. He would use this to place bets on games when he got back into the present. … Continue reading

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Mining for Valuable Resources

Originally posted on Step Ahead:
Fulfilling promises Of long-range aims, God works in the background And always reigns. So put your thoughts Upon the Word And follow the prompting The Spirit has stirred. To be led to a place Where…

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The Steps to an Amazing Future

And the Words of the Lord are flawless, like silver purified in a crucible, like gold refined seven times. – Psalm 12:6 The post “Mining for Valuable Resources”, has thoughts about the 2nd census taken in order to assign each … Continue reading

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Mining for Valuable Resources

Reading in Numbers 26, another census was taken in order to assign each tribe’s inheritance when they entered the Promised Land. The tribes that had lost the most men where the ones who rebelled against the Lord. Many died in … Continue reading

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