The Future is in His Hands

This day with God will be amazing because He is like a mountain; standing rock solid over time and protecting us in our time of need. We can take courage, for God is there for us. Let us continue our building our faith as we read Numbers 23.

From the previous chapter, we learned that the king of Moab named Balak was concerned that Jacob and Israel would take over his land so he had Balaam brought to him for the purpose of putting a curse on Jacob and Israel. Balaam was a person who received hidden knowledge and would use occult power to grant blessings or put curses on people.

Once Balaam gets to Balak, he goes off to the barren height to meet with God. God gives Balaam words to communicate but it was not good news for Balak. The king wanted instruction, encouragement, or some plan to overcome the threat of Jacob and Israel but there was not any encouraging words for Balaam.

There was only the Truth! Balaam tells Balak that Jacob and Israel will be blessed instead of cursed because it is God who holds their future in His hands.

Those against God can’t handle the Truth but the take away as explained in this passage is that we can receive the courage needed to stand up to them and be truthful even though what we say is not what they want to hear. We can be different or set apart from the world.

It’s hard to consistently be truthful when telling others what they don’t want to hear but we must speak the truth knowing that God holds the future in His hands. To have strong faith, positive actions, and the determination to be steered by His principles.

We need to have the courage to be a little different. We all want to be liked, be popular, and looked up to but being a little different gives us the edge; like having that skill or thing that sets us apart from the norm.

This day with God, let us build faith on the great strengths that He gives each of us. Let us take on our fears head on by facing them one by one knowing that God has our back. Let us be patient as His mystery works things out in His precious time.

This day with You Lord, we need the Truth to stir a response today. There are those who are offended by the Truth and we ask for the courage to make known the Truth and the grace offered by You. We step ahead with confidence in doing what is right even if others are against us. We continue to offer Your grace to others and to be a courageous hero of our faith knowing that the future is in Your hands. Amen.


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