The Power of Enlightenment

I can do everything through Him who gives me strength. – Philippians 4:13

The scripture above and other memorized scriptures can be very useful when faced with pressure moments in life. As we find the goodness of the Word, collected is a treasure chest that grows in value throughout life.

In the post “Treasures for the Soul”, we explored the characteristics of being enlightened which comes about by noticing God all around us, relying on the Spirits’ prompting, and applying the Word. We are touch with the power of enlightenment and are ready to share with others the promise of a glorious future.

Finding faith, hope, and love truly are treasures for the soul. We are enlightened in many ways and one way is praising God in music. Take a moment to celebrate today with the song Through All of It by Colton Dixon.

We get it right sometimes
And wrong sometimes
But through all of it,
We do not worry
Because God is with us
On this life journey. 

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