The Best Part of My Day

This day with God, we will put our attention on Leviticus 7. If we pay attention to the world, disorder will expand to fill the void of human failure but if we pay attention to God, order will fill the void in our life with greatness.

Today’s passage continues with the need for forgiveness in our life. Forgiveness is important in any relationship and with our relationship with God, sacrifice is important for God’s forgiveness. The instruction given to Moses included a sacrifice of an animal (bull, lamb, goat).

The animal was slaughtered and the fat was to be burned on the altar. The fat was considered the best portion and burned on the altar for God. The breast and right thigh were the portion of the offering due the priests for their perpetual share for the generations to come (v. 34). It was a contribution for their service to the Lord as priests.

In current times, Christ has taken the place of animal sacrifice. His death on the cross, became our one time sacrifice that wipes away sin and puts us in a right relationship with God. So today my friend, there is reason to be in a good mood and it’s all about what Christ has done for us. If you have the courage to make this your focus and give God the best part of your day, your life will be transformed.

This day with You Lord, help us to focus on sharing about the Gospel. Give us ideas in how to best see You today. You are in everything around us; the birth of a child, the celebration of a birthday, a graduation, the morning sun rise, the evening sunset. Help us to point out to others when heaven opens up this day. Amen.

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