Free to Fly Higher

God is big enough to make the impossible possible so today we start by doing what is necessary; then we will do what is possible. Before you know it, the impossible will be done. This day with God will be amazing because our journey continues into Leviticus 4 and there will be lessons learned to apply in our life.

It becomes obvious while reading this passage that the gravity of sin increased with those in positions of leadership and responsibility because even when sins were committed inadvertently, they had to be atoned. Leaders or people of responsibility sinned and when they did, those under them were guilty too. Once realized what happened, those under the leader or person of responsibility became guilty too even though they were unaware of the sin. There had to be a sacrifice of a bull, goat, or lamb as an atonement for the sin.

The statement that gives assurance of complete and final forgiveness for the beneficiary of the sacrifice was when the person of authority made atonement for himself and then all the followers of the person also went through the same procedure so they were forgiven.

Today’s passage should make us want to share with others about how important the life of Christ became as our ultimate sacrifice for our sin. It seems impossible that we would have to make atonement for sins that we didn’t even know about. The sins of those leading us still affect our own lives but by accepting Jesus, there is no more need for going through the procedure laid out in the passage today.

We can spend more time on our ultimate mission today which is sharing with others about Christ who provides our best way to step ahead of the sin that holds us back in life. We can examine what to work on and study the scriptures for lessons to apply in life. It is possible with Christ to fulfill our responsibilities and pray for the Holy Spirit to influence us along the journey.

This day with You Lord, the impossible has become possible. Our plans may not always work out but Your plan for us always does. It brings victory in our life now and forever. The power of the Holy Spirit is at work in us to give us the edge in life. We can study the Scripture for lessons to apply and come to You in prayer for guidance. Amen.


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2 Responses to Free to Fly Higher

  1. mabellgibbs says:

    Lord, we bow before you in humble submission and acknowledgement of You Most Holy One. We have again fallen short of thy glory and cry unto you to lift us up yet again. Forgive us all dear God, extending grace and mercy.
    Grant us a clean heart and a right spirit to do they will in our lives. Pour out thy loving spirit within us to rise in faith again. Than you and praise thee for hearing our cry in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ. Amen

    Wonderful post.


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