Step Ahead Higher and Higher

Explained in Micah 4 are God’s plans for the last days or the Tribulation and the Millennium. The temple will be built on Mount Zion and people around the world will gather in Jerusalem. There will be universal peace as God’s instruction is followed.

Before that time, there will be hard times and humanity will be put through the test. There will be loss, abandonment, and despair but there is a way to a brighter future by accepting God’s help. Difficulties can become building blocks to a more grand future as His people step ahead higher and higher.

This passage reminds me of Jacob’s dream of a ladder connecting the earth and heaven. On the campus of Abilene Christian University is a work of art depicting Jacob’s dream. Below is a photo of my daughter in front of this monument as she was visiting the campus before becoming a student.

Lord, this day help us to apply our faith. The principles taught by You will lead us to a future described in this passage when the world has it together. When things are done the right way as people help each other and nations live in peace. We are grateful that we are connected to heaven because of accepting You as Lord and Savior. Amen.

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