Being True to the Best in You

This day with God, we are reading in Hebrews 1:1-4. God communicates to all who follow the new Way. God’s Plan for Us redeems us from the empty way and rescues us through Christ who became the temple, altar, sacrifice, and all that is needed to be in a right relationship with our Creator.

The Son of God demonstrates His deity through the Word, through our experiences, through other people and their testimony. The Word tells us that He is the heir of all things, Creator of the universe, the radiance of God’s glory, and God in the flesh. He purged our sins as the ultimate Sacrifice and is sitting at the right hand of God upon the throne of Deity.

The Word records the actions of the Son and His nature reveals the Father to us. Christ is greater than the prophets, any divine truth communicated in the Old Testament, and even superior to the angels (vv. 4-7).

Our faith is built on the solid rock of Jesus Christ and a life built on this foundation will provide the support we need to absorb the shakeups faced in life. So be true to the best in you and hold onto your dreams because the power of God is in you. Christ sits at the right hand of God, purging our sins and guiding us with limitless authority that is even greater than angels.

This day with You Lord, we come to you admitting that we have fallen short in the past but believing in Your power inside to make us into who we need to be. Help us to grow so we can reach the expectations You have for us. We are each wonderfully made to do amazing things and we pray today that we follow the Way by studying the Word and living out our faith. We look to You for the power to make it happen. Amen.


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