Led by the Spirit

Reading Micah 3, we get some characteristics of the leadership during the time of Micah. The leaders hated what was good and loved what was evil, and led their people astray. In this passage, Micah warns them of God’s judgment upon their nation if they did not change their ways.

Many would say we face leadership problems in our current time with leaders that want to strip us of our liberty. Strip God from all aspects of society and instead give praise to actions that lead down a path of destruction.

Micah believed he had a responsibility to warn the leadership about their destructive ways and we should also feel the same responsibility today. We should not give in and learn the lessons from God’s instruction manual called the Bible for ways to fight back. We should learn from history and follow what works instead of what has never worked.

The photo below was taken at Garvan Woodland Gardens near Hot Springs Arkansas. Like this stream, the Holy Spirit flows in our soul. Ask daily that what is absorbed internally through God’s word will naturally flow outward as activities that benefit your life and the lives of those around you.

We pray today for the wisdom you give us in Your Word. It is our instruction manual on how to integrate our faith with our lifestyle. We see a future ahead with possibilities for all and not for just a few. We see a future in which we can build upon what You have done yesterday as we dream big for what You will do tomorrow. Amen.


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