Seeing the Purpose Clearly

In 1 Corinthians 14:1-19, Paul discusses the gifts of tongues and prophecy. He encourages the Corinthians to desire the gift of prophecy over tongues because prophecy speaks to people in a way they can understand and is useful for their strengthening, encouragement, and comfort (v. 3).

Paul substantiates his statements to the Corinthians by being an example. One who has the gift of prophecy useful for building up churches, bringing knowledge, and instruction to the people about how best to live!

This day with God, be a leader that gets people fired up but under control. Create passion, enthusiasm, and purpose by mixing the mysteries of the Spirit with knowledge for the mind. Pray, receive directions, and desire to present it to others for the purpose of building up the house of the Lord. The photo below was taken where my daughter goes to college. At Abilene Christian University, the purpose is to educate leaders who believe God calls us to love with all our hearts, lead with all our minds, and serve with all our strength.

First pray, receive directions, and desire to present it to others for the purpose of support and inspiration. Listen and interpret what God instructs and share with others using words that they understand.

This day with You God, we believe the day will be amazing because of who You are and who we are. We have knowledge of Your plan for us. You became flesh and came to earth with a purpose. The purpose was to give wisdom and truth for all. The purpose was to set free those who accept Your Son as Savior. Amen.


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