God’s Love for You

What can change your thinking and in turn your attitude and finally your behavior is God’s love for you. This love is an affirmation and you can internalize this love to give self-confidence, determination, and help when faced with difficulties. God’s love inspires us to hope by praying daily, asking Him to help plan step by step, and the initiative to take action.

Step Ahead

The generous will themselves be blessed, for they share their food with the poor. – Proverbs 22:9

God’s love for you
Changes thought
Giving self-confidence
To do what you ought.

God’s love for you
Gives determination
To keep going
For the duration.

God’s love for you
Inspires you to hope
Even when down
To the end of your rope.

God’s love for you
Helps you to plan
Each and every step
To do what you can.

God’s love for you
Initiates action
To get things done
Without hesitation.

Poem by Mark Shields – © 10-25-2018

The photo was taken at a Feed My Starving Children event at my church. We hand-packed meals for starving children around the world.

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