Assistance to Go the Distance

After the death of Moses, Joshua took over as the leader of the Israelites. Just like Moses, Joshua needed God’s assistance to go the distance in setting out to lay claim to the Promised Land. Joshua wanted to find out how best to take the land God had promised the Israelites so as recorded in Joshua 2, he sent two spies to gather intelligence. Joshua wanted to make the best decision by knowing the risk. He was a detailed person that wanted to make sure his decisions were accurate in order to best fulfill the purpose God gave him.

The two spies went to the city of Jericho and lodged at the house of Rahab. She took the men in even though there was tremendous risk. The facts Rahab bases her actions on included seeing and feeling the fear that people had because of what God had done for the Israelites. They had heard what Moses did when he parted the Red Sea and they knew that God was on the Israelites side. She also had seen what Joshua had done as an army general since taking over the leadership from Moses; destroying the two kings of the Amorites (v. 10).

Just like Rahab who knew whose side to be on when she accepted risk in taking in the spies, we need to know whose side to be on by listening and having good judgment in our decisions. We can do this by gathering facts, by using the experiences in our life, and by praying for direction.

Even though Rahab was a woman with a past (v. 1), she stepped ahead in faith just like we should do in life as we take action from the facts we gather and rely on our faith that God will provide a sure path. Always remember that your past does not keep you out of God’s plan.

We should expect a bright future as God goes before us to make sure the path is clear for all the amazing things He has in store for us.

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This day with You God, we have gained some insight from today’s passage about Rahab and the great faith she demonstrated. We know that with Your guidance and our faith in this guidance, we have a bright future ahead. Amen.

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