There are many reasons to love the Lord. We may go through difficulties at work or our health may be a concern but we find relief in knowing that God is big enough to handle the situation and hope for a brighter future keeps us going. In Psalm 116, the psalmist experienced danger but shows gratitude towards God with the belief that relief is on the way and with God’s presence there is more joy than can be imagined.

God can answer our prayers during times of difficulty because He is in control and sees the big picture. He’s present; listening as we spend time with Him in prayer, reflect on the past,  and receive direction for the future. We are rewarded when God hears us. There is peace knowing that God is in control and there is a sense of freedom in knowing that we are headed in the right direction.

Once delivered, the psalmist becomes more devoted to God and willing to be His servant. He will tell others to join him in loving the Lord. Even after trails and hardships we are certain to face along life’s journey, we can maintain the thought of entering our heavenly rest where we are delivered from sin and sorrow with the reward one can only imagine.

Life has ups and downs but one thing we can always look forward to and that’s the glory of standing in the presence of God when He comes or calls us home. Here’s a video to remind us of that glorious day: I Can Only Imagine – MercyMe.

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