Thank You God

In yesterday’s post about Psalm 116, I wrote about the many reasons to love the Lord. The consistent theme in God’s Word is joy and victory as we ask for His help in managing the affairs of our life. Imagine what it will be like standing in His presence. Let us make it a part of our daily thoughts and plan each day with this in mind.

Here’s a poem I wrote called Thank You God. Have a blessed day with God! 🙂

Thank you God for freedom
like an eagle gliding in the sky
Thank you for eyes to see your magnificent creation
like the mountains way up high
Thank you for the ability to hear music
pleasing to the Spirit
I love to hear it.

Thank you God for the sense of smell
like roses which are so sweet-smelling
Thank you for the sense of touch
like holding a baby even if screaming and yelling
Thank you for the ability to imagine into the future
as it moves faster than a wild stallion
I simply hope for a roof over my head
and food that is Italian.

Thank you God for my daily bread
as I smell pizza and know it will taste out of sight
Thank you for hopes and dreams
as I look ahead with a future so bright
Thank you for what’s still beyond my reach
like the horizon on the other side of the tree
I have faith in you God and thank you for loving me
so much to send your Son to die for thee.

By Mark Shields – © 4-30-2013

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19 Responses to Thank You God

  1. Thanks Mark, for sharing this poem/prayer post. God blesses.

  2. altruistico says:

    Very well done, Mark. thank you for sharing. May God bless and keep you and yours.

  3. godcrazzzy says:

    great poem. i love poems. thanks for sharing…
    Please Tell me something, how do you get the clicks on your posts…. hope I’m asking the question right. A mean like you in this post you have “yesterday’s post” and it was underlined and clickable. So when I clicked it, it took me to the post you did yday. How do you do that sir?

    • Mark Shields says:

      You are welcome Amorelle. On your question about how to get the clicks on posts … When you are creating a post, highlight the words you want to put a link to. Then at the top is a chain like icon and when you click on it, you can then type in the URL. For example, when I typed in Yesterday’s Post, I highlighted the words with my mouse, then I clicked on the chain icon (link) and then put in the URL which stands for Uniform Resource Locator. It is the web address for the page at the top like Hope this helps. Get back with me if my instructions were not clear.

      • godcrazzzy says:

        Well.. thanks much. I haven’t gotten a chance to try it yet caz am using my phone. Sounds simple I wil try it as soon as I am able. Can you tell me plz if it works likewise when replying to a post since the link thingy would not be there. Eg. If I am telling someone thanks for checking my blog name _____________ or post name __________ and I wanna put my blog link or post link there. I’ve done it a couple times but no clickble link came up No Matter what format I use which prob indicates that I am not doing it right.

      • godcrazzzy says:

        hello again. I did it and it worked. YAY! now I will try for the post reply and see what happens. thanks very much. 🙂

      • Mark Shields says:

        You are welcome. Have a great day and God bless!

  4. godcrazzzy says:

    I did the post one and It came back as a “Ping Back” to be approved. I approved it. hope I did the right thing. Not getting the reply one right tho. As in, if I wanted to say in this reply right now, thanks for visiting (clickable blog name here) or (clickable post name here), not getting it. Don’t know how to do this part. Thanks for your help.

    • Mark Shields says:

      On the reply one try this: just put in the page address from the top like if I type in in the reply box then it should automatically put in the clickable link. In this example, I typed the link to your blog name.

      • godcrazzzy says:

        Morning… oh bbut I tried that a few times but it wasn’t clickable. That’s the first one I tried. Quite a few times. Still didn’t come up clickable. Sigh. Coud u tell m then how to put the post there then instead of my bblog name please. I will go and retry it. When ppl do use my blog name or make reference to it they use “Amorelle – Just keeping it Real” which is my blog heading and it omes up clickable. I keep wondering how do they do that…. smile. I just don’t know how to get it. Thanks for your guidance, time and assistance.
        I do appreciate your help much.

      • godcrazzzy says:

        Sorry for the many typinng errors, my brain goes ten times the rate of my fingers 🙂

    • godcrazzzy says:

      Hi again sir. Thanks much for all your help. I was talking like for example how would i just put “wisdom thoughts” and make it clickable instead of the whole part? Hope i am explaining it correctly. Promise this is the final question. Smile.

      • Mark Shields says:

        Let me try it and see. I will click on the link button that is available when you reply to a comment. I will put in the URL and the title called Wisdom Thoughts. Then I will click on the add link button. When I do this below, it looks like it puts in the whole link address so I’m not sure if it can be done but I’ll try and we will see what happens. If it doesn’t work, you might want to contact WordPress to see if it can be done. Here is the link:

      • godcrazzzy says:

        Ok sir. Thanks very much for all your help.

  5. LifeWhataJoy says:

    Enjoyed your poem. Thank you for your many “likes” on my blog postings. They are very encouraging.

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