Listening for the Plan

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One of the main points expressed in Ecclesiastes 5 is that we need to keep our thoughts from wondering and listen for God’s plan throughout the day. He can say something through another person, a book, a movie, through art and music. If we pay attention to God, we are prepared for the world. If we pay attention to the world, we become stressed and confused.

Both the wealthy and the poor can struggle when attempting to satisfy spiritual wants. The key to fulfilling spiritual needs is to take pleasure in finding the call that God has given and to focus on it until the mission is complete. God has given each of us gifts but we must open them up. The greatest gift is Christ who is the Bread of Life; providing food for the soul. Once the gift is opened, there is opportunity for His blessings. We should ask each day: GOD, WOULD YOU SHOW ME YOUR PLAN FOR MY LIFE?

This day with God will be amazing if we stay focused on His presence. He’s not distant but near. Each day, let us be careful with our thoughts in preparation for prayer. Let us spend a few minutes in silence; putting away the concerns of the day and listening for the plan.

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3 Responses to Listening for the Plan

  1. I’m not sure what the Lord’s plans are for me, and I’ve quit trying to peer down the road. I always seem to choose the wrong fork in the path to do my searching anyway!

    Thanks for your post today.



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