Consider His Great Love and Call Out for Help

In reading Psalm 107 and writing about it in the previous post, what was observed is that the Word brings strength and should be the food for our souls on a daily basis. We face difficulties in life with things like our health, our relationships, or in our jobs but if we consider the great love of the Lord and call out for help, He will provide what we need to overcome. We can trust that God is with us to always provide what we need.

Everyone faces trials in life but God is more powerful than our problems. Pray every day, trust every minute, always have hope, and believe God is at work in your life. With one word, Jesus calmed the sea and with one word can turn a walk in the desert into a vacation on the beach. Here’s a video to give a little hope for our day: Held – Natalie Grant.



Let us treasure in our heart the wonderful works of God; praising Him and being thankful.


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3 Responses to Consider His Great Love and Call Out for Help

  1. My Tropical Home says:

    Hi Mark,

    Thanks for sharing that video. It’s been a tough week for me 🙂 but that video reminded me of our Father’s eternal love through it all. May His name be forever praised. Amen.



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