Multiplying Entrusted Resources – Matthew 25:1-30

Why does a dog burry a bone? Why does a pirate burry a treasure? My sister and I buried some money beside our house one time. Our family moved from the house and we forgot it was there. As far as I know, the treasure is still there. Yes, $2.56 is still about one foot in the ground beside the house at the corner of Lee and Giddings Street in Brenham, Texas.

Treasure Map.  

Don’t burry your treasure. God owns everything and is happy when we multiply entrusted resources. God’s abundant resources should give us confidence to step ahead and multiply what He has entrusted. Then we can joyfully celebrate progress and reward together.

In the parable within Matthew 25:14-30, two servants put their master’s money to work. They were rewarded with the chance to share happiness with their master and be entrusted with even more.

The one servant buried what was entrusted to him; afraid that it would be taken away. The money was not put to use so it was taken away. The lesson is to use it or lose it. Use the resources God has entrusted to you. Don’t be afraid because our Master has unlimited resources and is here to help gain even more.

Amazing things can happen by spending this day with God. Joyfully celebrate His many blessings and for videos like this one: God of Wonders.

Joyfully celebrate the God of wonders who provides confidence to step ahead and multiply what has been entrusted.  Be thankful for His blessings. Pray for growth in numbers as others are led to Christ and share in the celebration of reward and progress. The God of wonders beyond our galaxy knows your name and loves you.

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4 Responses to Multiplying Entrusted Resources – Matthew 25:1-30

  1. janiese says:

    This post has blessed me today. My treasure needs to be in heaven.


  2. The one servant who buried the talent lost more than “it” – he lost his relationship. Bad stuff.


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