Little Acts of Kindness – Matthew 25:31-46

As written in Matthew 25:31-46, the actions that please the King include feeding the hungry, inviting strangers in, giving cloths to those in need, and visiting the sick or those in prison.

Everyone needs help at some point in life so get to know your neighbor’s name and think of ways to show that you care. We all live somewhere so why not fill a need for those around you. A guy I know from my church takes out the trash and makes sure the paper is on the porch for several neighbors.

Encourage one another and build others up by giving them a heart full of joy. A perfect day has to include doing something for someone who will never be able to repay you.

One time, someone’s car didn’t start and another guy came up to the person to see how they might help. They had jumper cables and by just being there with what the other person needed, it made all the difference. Just being there with little acts of kindness or encouraging words are like those jumper cables; they can spark a little hope into someone’s day and get them going.

It seems like a small thing when a rock is thrown into a pond but then a ripple starts over the entire pond. Being someone who cares with little acts of kindness are like throwing this rock and causing a ripple effect that impacts the life of many people. Take inspiration from this video: SomeOne Cares – Scott Krippayne.


This day with God, think of opportunities to help others right in your neighborhood, dorm, or apartment complex. Pray for those that are weak; for ideas to help and opportunities to be kind.

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