Watch and Listen – Matthew 24:29-51

My Pastor, Steve Ramsdell said in a sermon once that God speaks in various ways – visions, dreams, and life’s circumstances, even through other people. Believe it or not, most of all, God speaks through the Bible. For other points made in sermons, visit this link: Sermon Podcast. 

In Matthew 24:29-42, Jesus talks to the disciples about the future; giving a lesson by using the example of a fig tree. Like the leaves coming out on a fig tree before summer, so is the certainty of Jerusalem’s destruction. The Earth will pass away but God’s Word will endure so it’s important to watch and listen.

Then the Lord begins to speak of his second coming. The only definite “sign” Jesus gives of when this will happen is when the gospel of the kingdom is preached in the whole world as a testimony to all nations (verse 14). We should be on alert at all times and be prepared for when Jesus comes or calls.

I led a small group one summer and this link documents our study: God’s Plan for Us. The top part is for anyone that would like to accept God’s plan or reaffirm their “YES” for Christ. It also has links to some other writings I’ve posted.

This day with God, expect His presence all the time because God can be present in the things we read, the experiences we go through, or the people we meet.

Click on the piano piece above or at this link: In The Garden: Norm Hastings, Piano. Spend a few minutes in silence, putting away the cares and concerns and noise of the day; listening for the guidance of the Holy Spirit. Reflect on God’s Word. What lesson is God teaching? Think about what you may pray for today. Is there a plan of action God is giving you today?

Today, I’m thinking about what I can do to remind myself to have thoughts about God and talk to him more often throughout the day? I pray that you do the same. This day will be amazing because we can share our thoughts and ideas even though we are many miles apart.

Things don’t happen by accident. Look around… God is present and making things happen. Like planting a seed and seeing what comes out of the ground, plant God’s word in the thoughts of others and see what grows to feed souls.

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