Psalm 73

Good thoughts of God give strength to overcome the persuasion of sin. Christ our arbitrator provides the presence of God for guidance and security. After reading Psalm 73, a thought that occurred is that a Christian becomes a new creation who cuts all sources of retreat and heads straight to the future with assurance of having all that is needed for victory.

We can be blessed with many good thoughts from a local church. Steve Ramsdell, the Pastor at my church made a point in a sermon that if the things of God are your treasure, then you have all things. What drives you toward God? Why do we not ask God more often for help? Think of the possibilities if we went to Him more. To keep up with sermons from the Pastors at my church for thoughts you can share with others, click on this link: Sermon Podcast.



Click on this piano piece above or this link: In The Garden: Norm Hastings, Piano. While listening, reflect on today’s reading. What lesson is God teaching?  Is there a plan of action God is giving you today? One challenge is to desire good thoughts as we spend this day with God.

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