Ezekiel 22

Passage Lookup

The people of Jerusalem dishonored God and in this passage, the prophet Ezekiel delivers a message from God. The types of sins included worshiping idols, ruining families, impoverishing widows and the fatherless, accepting bribes, taking usury and excessive interest for unjust gain from neighbors, extortion, robbery, oppressing the poor and needy. Because of the corruption, Ezekiel delivers this message from God about the ensuing punishment.

This day with God, the lesson is to honor God and let Him be a part of every activity of your day.  If not, the results are what we read about in today’s passage. Our society can’t succeed on its own. We need to be on the side of God; promoting prayer and uniting as one nation under God.

Sometimes wrong choices are made but each day is a new day where we can choose forgiveness, humbly return to God in prayer, and ask for directions.

I’m reminded of the video above as I read this passage. Take a few minutes to click the video or this link: The Redeemer – Sanctus Real. My hope is that it inspires as you spend this day with God. Be thankful that because of the Redeemer, we can start over. Each day we wake up, we can still dream and believe because God can make anything new.

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