Ezekiel 21

Passage Lookup

List any videos you are reminded of as you read this passage.


The above video is one that came to mind. You can either click the video above or click this link: The Great Adventure by Steven Curtis Chapman. My hope is that it inspires you as you  spend this day with God.

From today’s passage, the Lord is about to sever ties with Jerusalem and all the surrounding land.  The sword is used as an emblem as He pronounces sentence and Ezekiel is the one doing the publishing.

This passage tells me that the Lord is leader of us all and we should follow our wise leader. He doesn’t want use to sit back and just be safe and good but He wants us to make a stand, take chances, and do great things that glorify Him.

Faith gives initiative to take the first step into the glorious unknown. Studying, growing, praying, and doing good works is a great adventure; not only helping yourself but others in the process. This day with God will be amazing because we can read about thoughts from others thousands of miles away and interact with them on-line.

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  1. Thanks for the link love, Mark! And, your blog is a nice find. Blog on!


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