Ezekiel 23

Passage Lookup

In this parable from the Word today, Samaria and Israel represent the sister named Oholah whereas Oholiba represents Jerusalem and Judah. Oholibah should have learned from the example of Oholah who worshiped idols, made alliances with foreign nations, and dishonored God. She didn’t and following the bad example resulted in dire consequences.

We can be different and learn from bad examples; following God instead and the directions He would have us go. Then there is understanding and knowledge that assist in taking the correct path as we journey through life.

My pastor, Steve Ramsdell said in a sermon once that we have three tools that help us make decisions; lessons from the Bible, the Holy Spirit speaking to us deep in our hearts, and experiences of both ourselves and others. For inspirational sermons that can be heard at any place or time, visit this link: FUMC Sermon Podcast.

Life can be incredibly hard and risky but cumulative wisdom is gained with each year of learning from the mistakes made in the previous one.

Click on the video above or this link: Tim Hawkins.

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In prayer today, I’m accepting God’s grace and that the Holy Spirit might take down any temptations that would otherwise keep me off path. This day with God, I’m thinking about how I can apply my faith in all I do. I believe it will be an amazing day for anyone that is determined to put God’s guidance into practice.

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