Ezekiel 17

Passage Lookup

The reading today is a parable of the Jewish nation. I see one great Eagle as the king of Babylon and one as the king of Egypt. To me, the top of the cedar is the king of Judah. The seed of the land I see as the Spirit of God within His people and the fertile soil is the soul of His people.

The Jewish nation had a problem. How do they acquire a soul where good thoughts are planted in their souls so they are productive? When working toward the solution of a problem, it always helps to know the answer and God knows the answer; His grace is enough. Here’s a video I was reminded of as I read today’s passage.

Click on the video above or this link: Your Grace Is Enough by Matt Maher.  Let the One who knows all be a part of your day. Use prayer to free up a future with new innovation, transformation, and a future that is on the cutting edge of everything. The businessman, philanthropist, and self-help book author W. Clement Stone once said that prayer is our greatest power.

Think about God and how He knows the answer. Go to Him in prayer today and ask for help. Believe this day with God will be amazing because you will ask and receive the help needed for your plans to fall in place.

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