Ezekiel 18 – 20 Questions for Reflection

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The questions below can be used to stimulate thought about the blocks of readings below :

Ezekiel 18
Passage Lookup

What is the meaning of the proverb? How does God analyze the problem and demonstrate his mercy and justice?

Ezekiel 19
Passage Lookup

What two metaphors are used of Israel? What changes have occurred in the nation? Why? How does a leader’s relationship with God affect a whole nation? Over what have you have lost hope recently? How have you tried to remedy the situation?

Ezekiel 20
Passage Lookup

What has God given Israel? For what purpose? What is God’s ultimate purpose for you? How do you know?


A quiet time with God leads to effective action. After effective action, will be even more quiet reflection that will lead to even more effective action. The reading plan above can be used as a tool for daily Bible study at any place or any time. My hope is that the readings, questions above, and the experiences you have throughout this week allow you an opportunity to truly experience a deeper relationship with God. His principles never change. A daily devotional time using “This Day with God” devotional internalizes His guiding principles becoming an instrument which pushes one to focus on God in every activity throughout your day.

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