Ezekiel 16:43-63

Passage Lookup

Global Integrity Dialogues / PNG

Billy Graham was once quoted to say, “When wealth is lost, nothing is lost; when health is lost, something is lost; when character is lost, all is lost”. The environment we live in shapes our character so it’s important to control or neutralizes the negative influences in our life. Instead desiring to be surrounded with friends, family, and co-workers that encourage us in living the way we should.

In today’s reading of Ezekiel 16:43-63, Israel is portrayed as a mother with daughters who despised their husbands and children. They were arrogant, lacked self-control, and were unconcerned about helping the poor or needy. As we read the passage, warnings of God’s judgment is communicated but there is also a promise of mercy in gospel times where the law will be written in the heart.

God’s people can trust in God’s mercy and grace through Jesus Christ. At this link: God’s
Plan for Us
is a word document that can be read, downloaded and signed by anyone that would like to accept God’s plan or reaffirm their “YES” for Christ.  No matter what we may have done in the past, God loves us and gave His Son to die for us. We always have the chance to start over and wipe the past away; refreshed with God’s truth.

Click on the piano piece above. While listening, reflect on today’s reading. What lesson is God teaching? Think about what you may pray for today. Is there a plan of action God is giving you today?

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