Ezekiel 4-6 Questions for Reflection


Image by Jordi Marcé via Flickr

Make use of the questions below as you study each reading below:

Ezekiel 4
Passage Lookup

Why is it necessary to demonstrate siege and length of punishment to people already in exile? Why do you think Ezekiel uses symbolism instead of direct interpretation? What plan and specific action has been laid out in current times for our freedom?

Ezekiel 5
Passage Lookup

What will happen to the inhabitants of Jerusalem? Why? How have they responded to God’s favors?

Ezekiel 6
Passage Lookup

What has taken place in the hills of Israel? How does God try to make plain the foolishness of false objects of worship? What is the purpose of God’s judgment?

Share with us those amazing moments of your past or present by responding with a note or comment about any of these questions.  Also, share with us any favorite inspirational videos, photos, sermon thoughts, or favorite Bible verses.

Why put off living?  Instead of dreaming of some magical day in the future, enjoy the amazing things that happen right now by spending this day  with God!

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6 Responses to Ezekiel 4-6 Questions for Reflection

  1. Mark Shields says:

    The sermon this past weekend from my was titled “Gear Up for Prayer”. A few thoughts from the passage are that we should gear up for prayer by expecting to be inspired and expecting guidance. God will meet us and prepare us for His purpose. He will make the changes so that His purpose is carried out. There is a podcast of all the sermons at my church at http://www.fumcwaco.org/pod.html


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