Ezekiel 3:16-27

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Ezekiel finds comfort in knowing that God is with him to give instructions; to take His directives and speak His words. We can also speak God’s words. There are different ways to speak them. It may be in how you care for others, how you say a kind word, listen to someone, or mentor a young person.

We should live like we care about others and not sit around waiting for someone else to do what we can do. There’s a song called “I Refuse” by Josh Wilson that I’m reminded of as I think about today’s passage. Here’s the link: I Refuse by Josh Wilson. My hope is that you will refuse not to move after seeing this video and that it  inspires as you spend this day with God.

You are never alone because God will always be with you. No task is greater than God’s power to help accomplish it so start speaking God’s words by doing small things in a great way. God sees you as uniquely capable to say what needs to be said, show what needs to be shown, and share what needs to be shared.

This day with God, I’m praying for initiative to speak God’s words in what I do. I’m praying that I refuse not to move and I hope it’s a part of your prayer too.

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