Lamentations 5

Passage – Read or Listen

Account for the Lord’s rejection and restoration of Israel. How have you been restored and renewed?

Remember Israel’s inheritance was land flowing with milk and honey; the Promised Land that Moses led them to. Because of the sins of the past and present generations, they are now hungry; there are political, moral, economic, and emotional disruptions. They were taken captive by Assyria and many fled to Egypt.

What can we learn from this passage? One lesson is that there is a solution; to get down on our knees and pray. Ask God to help get the situation turned around. Unpack God’s word, change the heart, change thinking, and change actions. A combination of these will keep us growing in our faith to win spiritual battles.

Here is a link to a video: We Are More Than Champions – Apologetix. It is a parody of the song “We are the Champions” by the British rock band Queen for their 1977 album News of the  World. The best news for us today is that there is victory in Christ Jesus. Like David defeating Goliath, with God’s help, we conquer death with the help of Jesus.

Think about experiences in your past when you needed to be restored and renewed. Difficulty can be a learning experience and a turning point if one is humble enough to ask God for the right plan and the ability to execute the plan that will turn things around. Be thankful in prayer today for Jesus Christ dying on the cross to restore and renew us.

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