Lamentations 4

Passage – Read or Listen

Contrast the before and after conditions of Zion. How powerful and safe do you consider your nation? Why? What do verses 17-20 add to the account of the conditions of the poor people left in Jerusalem (See verse Jeremiah 39:10) and those who try to escape?

In this reading, the former prosperity of Israel is contrasted with their present misery. Think about how valuable the grace in Christ Jesus is now and in the future. Riches of this world fade away but grace in Christ is of constant high value so desire to be where the Lord is and finish with the ultimate prize; hearing the words well done my faithful servant.

My pastor Steve Ramsdell made this point once in a sermon: if the things of God are your treasure, then you have all things. What drives you toward God? Why do we not ask God more often for help? Think of the possibilities if we went to Him more.

Please receive this Word from God today and put a high value on the reward of God’s grace in Christ Jesus. Pray for devotion and commitment to this sure reward.

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