Thoughts From Sermon


Last week’s sermon was the fourth in the “Who is this Man” sermon series and is titled “Our Healer – The Miracle Worker”. Miracles are unexplained events or occurrences that should not happen but do. They don’t always lead to faith but the recognizing of miracles always requires faith. Pastor Wayne points out in the sermon that what we need the most is Jesus who is the miracle worker himself.


Past sermons at FUMC Waco can be heard by clicking on the following link: FUMC Waco.


  • Click on the Pastor’s Podcast
  • Click on Podcast for the week you want to listen to
  • You can click on PDF to look at an outline of the sermon
  • Or click on Play Audio to listen to the sermon
  • If you are a Facebook member or would like to be one, you can click on the “Be an FUMC Facebook Fan”   
Also, I have posted my devotional of the week below.
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