This Week’s Devotional


In continuing my journey through the book of John this week, I came to John 19 and the events that led up to the crucifixion of Christ. After Jesus was thrashed and a crown of thorns was placed on his head, blood flowed down his forehead, back, and side. He was forced to carry the heavy cross and as He walked the path to the site of the crucifixion, people whipped him and called him names. He was publically disgraced yet demonstrated poise under tremendous stress; showing concern for His mother by asking John to take care of her.


Jesus was already weak and had lost a lot of blood. Then they drove stakes into His hands which would attach the body to the cross were He hung and bled and died for you and I. He devoted His life to every detail of God’s plan as laid out in the Old Testament. His life was freely given up for everyone’s redemption.


He carried the weight of the world on His shoulder and He continues to carry us today. We are accepted by God because of Christ and since we are accepted by God, we have access to the same powerful God that can move mountains, calm storms, and sooth sorrows. In your prayers, be thankful there is freedom in Christ Jesus because the clear way to victory has been provided.


Thanks for letting me share and here is the link to photo of the week.






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