This Week’s Devotional


After Jesus was crucified as written in John 20, His body was placed in a tomb. On the Sunday after the crucifixion, Mary Magdalene went to the tomb and noticed the stone had been removed from the entrance. The body of Jesus was not there either so she ran to tell Peter and another disciple that Jesus’ body had been stolen. They immediately ran to the tomb to check and when they didn’t see the body, they went back home. Mary Magdalene stayed behind and that’s when Jesus revealed himself to her. Once Mary saw that Jesus was alive, see immediately went to tell the others.   


Jesus had made the impossible possible and today those who believe in Him can do the same. It’s up to each individual to claim a piece of His power. Our most precious valued possession and our greatest strength derives from God who gave our Redeemer the power to conquer death. He now lives to bring us that same victory. Here’s an impressive video: My Redeemer Lives by Nicole C Mullen


In your prayers, ask God to reveal himself to you. Pray that you feel His presence in making decisions, in the things you say, or in the things you do. Think of hopes and dreams you may have. Pray for stones being moved for you so hope remains alive for your dreams.


Here is the link to this week’s photo of the week with a caption that sums up the reading of John 20 for me.  Thanks for letting me share.





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