This Week’s Devotional


My journey through the Bible this week took me into John 5 and the incident where the man at the pool of Bethesda was healed. This man had been crippled for thirty-eight years but was finally cured when he did what Jesus told him to do. Like the man, we all have things in our life that hold us back; where things are not quiet right. The lesson for me is that we should keep looking for solutions, keep being patient, and keep working to make things better. If we can hang on to that mindset, a miracle may happen just like it did when Jesus told the man to get up and walk and he did.


In the middle part of John 5, the Jews didn’t think it was right for Jesus to heal people on Sundays. They were constantly looking for ways to bring him down. We all face times when we feel others are trying to bring us down. It’s a battle at times but the good thing is we have a play book and a game plan. The Bible is useful much like looking at video of our competition to help us understand their weaknesses and execute God’s plan.


A win on an athletic field creates wonderful memories; especially for those that work so hard to get it but the true win in life is to develop a heart that says “yes” to God’s grace. I came across a video this past week that I’ve watched several times this past week. Here’s the link: Your Grace is Enough by Matt Maher. Like the song says, God’s grace is enough and we can all celebrate a stress-free future by believing in the one who worked with a passion and purpose so we can finish with a victory.    


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Thanks for letting me share about my journey this past week.




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