This Week’s Devotional


My journey through the Bible this week took me to the first few chapters of the gospel of John. These first few chapters show us how the foundation was laid. John the Baptist was instrumental in helping to imprint a picture in the people’s mind as to this new way that would improve the quality of their lives. He laid the groundwork for the teachings of Christ who communicated the inclusiveness of the Law of Moses with this new way that would be much more powerful.


The risen Christ would become the positive in a sometimes negative world that overpowered an entire army of negatives. We get a glimpse of how the Spirit works in us to be a creative force and accomplish the purpose God has for us.


One reason I think sports is so popular for a lot of people today is because the goals are defined and it’s all about who can reach that goal. One football player that knew how to reach first downs and goal lines was Barry Sanders. I want you to watch a video of some of his runs by clicking this link: Barry Sanders "The NFL Legend" highlights


Barry Sanders was a great football player with great vision for where to run the ball as a running back. He was asked one time how he sees what he sees and Barry said everyone can see what I see; the difference is I’m able to get there.


My friends, we all can see where we need to go in life; the difference is that because of Jesus we are now able to get there. With the Spirit of God we can run like the wind with purpose and be allusive to those that want to bring us down. In your prayers this week, remember the freedom you have in Christ Jesus and that he’s cleared a path to victory.


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 Thanks for letting me share about my journey this past week.




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