This Week’s Devotional


I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving. Did everyone have enough to eat? Watch any football? The person that led our Sunday school last week, Johnny Mankin said that if we could have 1/10th the attention and enthusiasm about spiritual things as we see at a football game, our nation and world would be turned upside down.  


As I continued my journey into John 6 this week, the people around Jesus began to have that enthusiasm that we see at football games today. Jesus cared for people and was concerned about their hunger so that’s when He took five loaves of bread and two small fish to feed 5,000 people. Other events like Jesus walking on water had crowds starting to believe He was the Savior.


Jesus began to explain that satisfaction, happiness, and abundant living are within our reach. He explained that He is the bread of life that nourishes our souls. As a society, we turn to various things to fill that void. Sometimes it’s filled with things like ambition and material things. Sometimes society turns to the government to help even when they seem to mess up everything they touch. I received an e-mail from someone a while back with the following newspaper headline.

When you really think about many of the problems in society today, the solutions are very simple. We all know that fish need water. We all know that people need Jesus. The hard part is to get everyone to accept and go by this playbook that God has given us called the Bible.


For all the problems we face in life, God can enable us and satisfy our needs. I once heard someone say that as they entered middle aged, their age started to show around their middle. It’s true, our physical bodies become harder and harder to maintain with age but with Jesus, the Spiritual body remains connected to the nutritious vine that provides healthiness forever. All we have to do is say “Here I am Lord” and He will feed us.


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