Just A Click Away

Reading today in Psalm 63, David is going through a rough time. He’s been driven from the throne by his son Absalom and is headed across the wilderness away from Jerusalem. He doesn’t miss the money, the power, or respect of being a king. What he misses most is God’s house where he can feel God’s power and glory.

Because of Jesus in our heart, the power and glory resides inside. Technology today allows us to always stay connected for spiritual pick-me-ups at anytime and anyplace. Just a click away, the Internet makes it easy to look up Bible verses, be inspired by praise videos, or share with friends.

David wants protection from enemies and he’s confident that they will be destroyed if they try to overthrow him as king. David is satisfied with singing praises to God. Praise and worship is evidence that God is at work in our life. Our enemy wants to lie and deceive us but like David, we can be satisfied by praise and worship.

So this day with God, step ahead of the enemy that deceives and lies. Step ahead of hate, iniquity, and other corrupting influences in your life that keep you down; instead desire the authenticity, sincerity and certainty that God provides. Use technology to make a positive impact on your life. Just a click away are scriptures, sermons, Christian blogs, and uplifting music. Available from any place or any time just by using your phone, computer, or tablet.

Lord, there is many corrupting influences we face in this world. Help us to clear out these negative influences and be filled up with the treasures of the Holy Spirit. If we have the treasures of the Spirit, we have all things. We come to You today for this help and know that the possibilities are unlimited when we step ahead each day following Your way. We are focused today on Jesus who provides the better Way. Amen.

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4 Responses to Just A Click Away

  1. Amen! Thanks for the encouraging word:

    “So this day with God, step ahead of the enemy that deceives and lies.”


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  2. ladysheepdog says:

    I totally take advantage of these conveniences. This brings up the issue of “assembling yourselves together” which is a blog subject all of it own. We are assembling here, our we not? Can any one say lockdown?


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